Rebecca A. Eckland


This is where I write about the various adventures from the perspective of an always honest writer and athlete. I was a competitive runner for a little while, then I swam competitively, did a few Ironman triathlons until I decided to ride the bike for 200+ miles at a time. In 2018, I jumped into the classic cycling scene where I got a lot of road rash and had a blast while wearing a lycra onesie riding around in public on a hot pink bike.

And then, this year, I decided I wanted to try something else. So, I am.

The other side of my life involves a lot of sitting and typing, but I like it. I have had a few of my essays published, and I am working on getting more of my words and work into the world. A little history: I earned my MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Saint Mary's College of California, an honor that rests as close to my heart as any race win. I also have two Master of Arts degrees-- in English and French-- awarded by the University of Nevada, Reno.  

Fun fact: I was the first woman from Nevada to win the California Triple Crown Stage Race in 2015, which was kind of a big deal. I take care of nine chickens, and basically live on what I call a “little farm” (read: urban farm) where I grow as much as can be grown in Nevada. I have no idea what's in front of me-- but I'm ready for the adventure, and ready to write about it. Thanks for reading! 


Rebecca A. Eckland